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DuoMatic with patented line feeder automatic system

The convenient rotary dryer for highest standards of design, quality and laundry

DuoMatic - your laundry deserves only the best

Each DuoMatic rotary dryer combines exclusive design with a sophisticated, patented automatic cord retracting mechanism. The rotary dryer is therefore both a convenient household appliance and an eye-catcher in your garden. After closing the rotary dryer, the lines are protected inside from all sides and stay clean - like freshly washed laundry.

DuoMatic - your laundry deserves only the best

  • Wear-resistant automatic cord retraction
  • Patented mechanism
  • Exclusive, modern design
  • Closed round design
  • All-round weather protection
  • Quality "Made in Germany"

Wear-resistant automatic cord retraction

Most manufacturers of rotary clothes dryer offer an automatic cord retraction. BLOME offers a patented cord retraction system that works without metal weights. The DuoMatic retracts clotheslines by means of plastic gliders. This plastic gliders run inside the rustproof aluminium profile so you have many years of enjoyment with the product. What's more, the gliders cannot slip when the rotary clothes dryer is placed upside down. Try this out with competing models and you will often end up with "cord spaghetti".

Another way to draw in the lines is with the help of metal weights. This option is sometimes used by competing manufacturers, occasionally even with environmentally-harmful lead. Metal can however rust, which of course strongly affects the functionality of the device.

Closed round design

Another great advantage of the BLOME DuoMatic is the closed circular shape. This does not only give it a very stylish and modern look, but also has the advantage of offering weather protection to the (retracted) clotheslines from above and the sides. Other manufacturers scrimp with the cover, so that water and dirt penetrate through gaps and holes. As a result, the cords become dirty and the weights of the retraction system start to rust (see above).

Another advantage of the cover is that the support arms are fixed securely in place, regardless of whether the rotary dryer is upright, or stowed on its side inside the garage. The arms cannot bend and therefore always remain in shape, even after a long storage on the side.

Exclusive design

The colour edition of the DuoMatic is available in the colours blue, green, and lilac. The colours in combination with the closed round shape make the rotary clothes dryer an eye-catcher for every garden.

Quality made in Germany

All our conventional rotary clothes dryers are manufactured in Germany, ensuring we can meet our company's high quality standards. For our end customers, a great advantage of production in Germany is that all spare parts are available for a Long time.

DuoMatic 45

Total height / 2,06 m

Height / 2,26 m

Edge length / 2,08 m

Diameter / 2,91 m

5 Years

ca. 45 m

ca. 50 kg

55 mm (Star-shaped)

50 x 80 mm

For concrete

Aluminium, Polypropylene

ca. 8,4 kg


DuoMatic 45


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