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FreeAir rotary clothes dryer - (not just) for camping and terrace

Free standing compact rotary dryer with stand, protective cover and ground anchor


Fresh summer laundry - anytime, anywhere

FreeAir is the mobile alternative to your stationary rotary dryer in the garden. With its compact dimensions, practical carrying case and supplied ground spikes, you can dry your laundry where you want - or wherever the sun is shining.

Maximum freedom for laundry drying:

  • For flexible use indoors and outdoors
  • Stable on any surface thanks to sturdy 3-leg tripod
  • Easily stowable: pack length 80 cm, incl. case
  • 18 m clothes line length for approx. 2 washing machine fills
  • Incl. ground spikes for anchoring
  • Incl. holder for hangers


Total height / 1,54 m 

Height / x

Edge length / 1,63 m 

Diameter / 1,63 m

2 Years

18 m

10 kg

32 mm

25 x 12 mm

Aluminium, Polypropylene

2,1 kg



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